Drug R&D in China: Top 10 most valuable Phase III drugs

Product Company Indication Class Phase III design
apatinib HengRui HCC VEGFR inhibitor NCT02329860: apatinib vs. placebo
NSCLC NCT02332512: apatinib vs. placebo
retagliptin HengRui T2DM DPP-4 inhibitor NCT01970033: retagliptin vs. placebo

NCT01970046: retagliptin+ metformin vs. placebo + metformin

PEX168 Hansoh T2DM GLP-1 (once a week) NCT02477969: PEX168 + metformin vs. placebo + metformin
albuvirtide Frontier HIV HIV fusion inhibitor NCT02369965: albuvirtide + Kaletra vs. TDF/3TC + Kaletra
PEG-Tα1 Hansoh HBV Tα1 (once a week) NCT02366247: Tα1 + adefovir vs. placebo + adefovir
fruquintinib Hutchison CRC VEGFR inhibitor NCT02314819: fruquintinib vs. placebo
flumatinib Hansoh CML Bcr-Abl inhibitor NCT02204644: flumatinib vs. imatinib
batifiban Bio-Thera thrombosis Gp IIb/IIIa inhibitor CTR20130814: batifiban vs. placebo
benvitimod TianJi psoriasis CTR20130379: benvitimod vs. calcipotriol
971 Green Valley AD oligomannurarate CTR20140274: 971 vs. placebo

Ref: (1) https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/home; (2) http://www.chinadrugtrials.org.cn/


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